So I have done another Bruce Lee sketch on the inside cover of a copy of Secret Identities.  This sketch was done for a charity of a much smaller scale, but still a good one regardless. This drawing was done for my friend Ren Hsieh, who runs a basketball league called FastBreak.(www.fastbreaknyc.com). But I’ve donated… Continue reading ep3-016


Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) So I’ve had the honor of doing a sketch on the inside cover of a copy of Secret Identities for a silent auction hosted by The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund. I’m hoping this copy goes for more than the cover price($21.95) with my little… Continue reading ep3-015


Unused pages…   Just some pgs i’ve drawn in the past…a really long time ago.  To help me try and get a “feel” for the book BURN, before I really got into drawing the entire book.  


  So I just wanted to take the time to show this comic strip.  Every once in awhile I struggle with the idea of starting a online comic strip.  It seems like soooo much work to me.  But every once in awhile…it doesn’t. So this here…is an attempt to start one up again.  Don’t expect… Continue reading ep3-013


Secret Identities at Rutgers University ECAASU’09, Part 2    So I forgot to post the drawing I did for the preorder bookplate on the previous post.  I blame exhaustion for that one.  Anyway, here it is.      So this was what all four editors would sign.  And I was able to throw in a… Continue reading ep3-012


  Secret Identities at ECAASU’09 at Rutgers University    Wow.  First of all that is all I really have to say.  When we were invited to be guests and do a workshop at Ecaasu yesterday, I had no idea what I was in store for.  Now, I’ve spoken on my own at a few schools… Continue reading ep3-011