The Secret Identities Universe Illustration….   This illustration took me a really long time.  But it was important to me to do, as my fellow editors (Jeff Yang, Parry Shen and Keith Chow) have been talking for awhile about a drawing by one of our contributing artists of all the characters from the book. So… Continue reading ep3-020


NYCAASC’09 @ NYU   So I literally just got home from this event.  And I am exhausted.  I forgot how  tiring it can be just sitting in front of people and sketching. But it was great to be out and spreading the word on Secret Identities.  It really makes all the hard work worth it… Continue reading ep3-019


Soooo I know it’s been awhile since my last post.  And I apologize about that.   Anyway, I wanted to take the time to show the newest tee shirt that I just designed.  And literally just sent to the factory to have done.  This design is based off of a japanese devil mask.    … Continue reading ep3-017