So there are three things for me to say on this post.

First off, our very own editor in chief Jeff Yang did a interview on ABC News!

How cool is that???

Anyway, to see the interview go to this link:


Not to be outdone, our very own Managing Editory Parry Shen has done this awesome 10 minute documentary on how Secret Identities came to be.  You can view that here:



And finally I just wanted to post another sketch I drew on the inside cover of Secret Identities.  This sketch is of Sunfire, from Marvel Comics.  And this copy of the book will be going to Ningin.com.  For a raffle I believe.  Hope you guys like it. 

And just to end things.  We just found out that amazon.com has sold out of all copies of Secret Identities.  Atleast…until they reorder some more(I hope).


So until next time.

Thanks for coming by again.




One thought on “ep3-018

  1. i am buying the comicbook tomorrow! after watching 5 mins of the documentary i stopped because i didn’t want to spoil it. im really proud that comics are slowly introducing asians into their stories, for instance DAKEN the half jap/half wolvy who is the new wolverine of the dark avengers.

    keep up the good work guys 🙂

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