Time & Life Building and Midtown Comics Signing!   Wow. That is basically all I have to say about what went on last week for Secret Identities. Let me start it all off with explaining what went on last Thursday at the Time Life building.  We had a gallery show of some of the original… Continue reading ep3-026


The New York Asian Film Fest      So back at the New York Comic Con, I had met with Goran Topalovic of the New York Asian Film Fest where he had talked to me about possibly doing a tee shirt design for the event.  Me being a HUGE fan of asian films jumped at… Continue reading ep3-024


SIGNINGS!!!     I just wanted to take the time to mention two signings that I’m going to be apart of pretty soon that mean a lot to me.  The first one is at Midtown Comics in Times Square, NYC.  I LOVE this store.  These guys have been nothing but great to me.  As a indie… Continue reading ep3-023


CAPA Festival’09 @ NYC   Wow…so yesterday was like…being in some sort of hurricane relief effort.  The weather was horrible.  It was freezing…and raining….all day.  In fact, I got so sick that I was sent home from work as I look like I’ve been playing with pigs lately.  So a special thanks to Keith Chow… Continue reading ep3-021