CAPA Festival’09 @ NYC


Wow…so yesterday was like…being in some sort of hurricane relief effort.  The weather was horrible.  It was freezing…and raining….all day.  In fact, I got so sick that I was sent home from work as I look like I’ve been playing with pigs lately.  So a special thanks to Keith Chow for making the trip from Baltimore to help man the booth.  And to my friend Georgina Yao for helping out and standing in the cold with me and Keith.


Also, I can’t thank Dave Chau and Fiona Chin for showing up and supporting the cause.  And for buying us beer and getting the Festival to get us free tea and pizza.  I can’t believe I didn’t take pictures of these things.


Anyway, even with the weather as craptastic as it was, the love for Secret Identities was clear.  We had different artists from the book show up to show their support and sign some books.  And I was shocked at how many ppl were coming to the booth asking for the book and how they’ve already heard of it.

We had artists Anuj Shrestha(Twilight), Glenn Urieta(The Hibakusha & No Exit), Alexander Tarampi(Gaman), Paul Wei(You Are What You Eat), and John Franzese(Meet Joe) all stop by during the day.

You can tell from the pictures at what a rough day it was.

It was also extremely difficult to sketch in the book as my hands were just so cold and I just couldn’t get a feel for the pen.


Amazingly, we were able to keep all the books dry.  I didn’t really think it was that big a deal until just now.

Thanks for stopping by.


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