The New York Asian Film Fest


   So back at the New York Comic Con, I had met with Goran Topalovic of the New York Asian Film Fest where he had talked to me about possibly doing a tee shirt design for the event.  Me being a HUGE fan of asian films jumped at the chance to do so.

  I was asked to do a design based off the Korean film, Dawachima Lee.  Which is basically a 70’s style comedy spy film.  From what I saw, it’s pretty damn good and funny.

  With what I had seen of the film, I had first come up with this design.  This design was done fully in Adobe Illustrator.  I did all the type and drawing on the program.  I had done this design before I had a chance to watch the film.  Which made it abit harder for me to get a full understanding of the feel of the film.


  After Goran and his partners saw this design, They really liked the way the “title” was done.  But weren’t too into the “star burst” behind the character as they thought it reminded them too much of a Japanese type of flag.  They were also able to send me a copy of the film for me to watch.  So after taking this in, I came up with this design.  Which I actually just hand drew.  I thought this pose was much more dynamic and embodied the spirit of the film much more than the first design.


   And this was the design that they landed on.  So I am thrilled to get the chance to say that I will have something to do with the NY Asian FilmFest…..even though….it’s only a t shirt.


  Anyway, for more info on the film fest go to this site:   


  So if you get a chance to go to the film fest, definately ask about getting one of the tees!  And tell them all how cool you think it is!



Thanks and talk to you soon.



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