The AACC (Asian American ComicCon) will be held next Saturday July 11, at The Museum of Chinese America in Chinatown New York.  And I will have the honor of contributing a drawing that will hopefully raise a bit of money for the museum.  So naturally, I had to draw Bruce Lee again.  I hate to keep drawing him over and over for different charities, but it only seemed natural to me to do a drawing of Bruce for the grand opening of the museum.

   This drawing was done on a piece of 9″x12″ 108 lb bleedproof paper.  And was done with prismacolor markers and felt tip pens.  Of course, I did a pencil drawing first before I laid down the inks.

   Anyway, if you’re in the neighborhood July 11, please come by the museum.  Attendance is limited, and space is going fast.  So if you’re interested I would advise pre-purchasing a ticket asap.  Since I’m a part of the show, I have had the chance to find out the schedule for the show.  And I have to say that it looks to be pretty damn impressive and interesting.


For more info on the show, simply scroll down to my previous blog entry or go here:



   And without further ado, here is the drawing that I have done.  Hope you guys like it.

Again, thanks for stopping by.




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