Well…it is 2pm, and I am just waking up the day after the first ever Asian American Comic Con.  I really didn’t know what to expect when Jeff Yang had spearheaded this event.  It’s one thing to do comics….it’s a completely different thing to do a comic convention.  But this thing really did come together and ended up being a pretty damn enjoyable experience.  Not only for us, but I think everyone involved had a great time.  So without further ado, I’d just like to thank all the people that helped to make this happen in no particular order:

– Jeff Yang, Keith Chow, Parry Shen, Greg Pak, Ken Wong, Ken Chen, Beatrice Chen, Jenny Lee, Larry Hama, John Franzese and really all the artists and writers and volunteers that made their way down to chinatown for this.

The day was long.  I ended up getting to the museum around 8:20am just to try and figure out all the logistics with Ken Wong and Keith Chow.  The show started a few minutes late, and we had a couple of hiccups in there.  But in the end, we were able to smooth things out so at the very least…on the surface everything seemed to be running like a well oiled machine.


The day was full of panels that discussed all things comics, a silent auction of artwork contributed by all the artists in artists alley where the proceeds would go to help the museum itself, the presentation of the first ever Kiyama Award to Larry Hama, a reception that had the band Paper Doll performing, and some incredible karaoke performances from Keith Chow, Derek Kirk Kim and Jeremy Arambulo.

When Larry Hama was giving his speech for accepting the Kiyama Award, he had mentioned how a community was being formed from the AACC and Secret Identities.  I mentioned this before about how I am feeling like I’m part of a special fraternity for the first time.  I think how Larry had spoken about it makes a lot more sense and gives it a bigger meaning by saying “community” over “fraternity”.

It’s really been an honor being a part of all this.  And every once in awhile, I feel so lucky that all these great creators let me tag along for the ride.

But now I might just let the photos tell the rest.

I’m going back to sleep.



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