ImaginAsian Art Fund Raiser

Hey everyone. So Kate Agathon of Purdue University has asked me to do some drawings that will hopefully raise some money for the Asian American Studies collection at Purdue and Indiana University.

I was a bit worried that my drawings alone wouldn’t make enough…or really any money at all for her. So what we came up with, was that I would do some drawings of The Angry Asian Man. And after I’m done with the drawings, Phil Yu(the angryasian man himself) will also sign the drawings. So that they’ll be worth something.

So if you have ever been to Phil’s site, you would immediately know that he has a strong passion for Bruce Lee and Quick Kick. Which is why I chose to draw those two characters.
I chose to draw this particular image of Bruce, just cuz if you’ve ever seen the movie “Way of The Dragon”, when Bruce is in his hotel room and doing some stretches…he flashes his lats…and when I first saw that…I never imagined any human being that jacked. It was such a memorable image to me, and I always wanted to draw that image. But was always a bit intimidated from it, cuz he looks SO much like a comic book drawing in that pose…I didn’t know how to do it without it looking too forced.
So I hope I was able to draw it where it somewhat resembles the man himself.

Then…I HAD to draw Quick Kick with his barefoot being exposed. I mean…here we are…with a group of undercover GI’s…and we got this one asian guy running around barefoot…bringing a pare of chucks and a sword to a gunfight.
Drawing the bare foot…was soooo much harder than one can imagine. I think this might have been like…one of the only times I’ve ever drawn a barefoot.

Anyway…here are the two drawings. I will post more info on this fund raiser as it draws closer in time.
And hopefully….they’ll help raise some money for a good cause.



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