The Larry Hama Experiment…Part 3.

So this is the final sketch that I’ll be inking and coloring of Larry Hama’s. Just to give a little background on how this all came to be. We(Keith Chow, Alex Tarampi, John Franzese, myself and Larry Hama) were sitting in the GEPPI Museum signing some books. These signings are hit or miss. So sometimes, you can be sitting there for a few minutes with nothing to do. Even when you have Larry Hama with you.
Anyway, I’m sitting next to Larry…and I just whisper in his ear, “you know you have to draw me a Snake Eyes, right?”. He looks at me and just smiles. Then I’m like, “and you know…you’re going to have to do 3 more once these guys see you draw one for me”. He just laughs…and begins sketching.
Now…lemme tell you about what makes this particular sketch so cool. Usually when artists give out sketches at cons or signings…they’re generally just a head shot…or a drawing of the guys upper body. And they are almost never action poses. So when Larry sketched this Snake Eyes leaping in the air ready to chop somebody in half with his sword…I was like…frothing at the mouth.
I chose to ink and color this one last, because it was simply the hardest one out of the batch that I have to do. Trying to keep the dynamic energy that Larry captured in his pencils…and trying to not stiffen the drawing up was really difficult.

Again…I hope I didn’t ruin this drawing. I had a blast doing these…and learned a lot. Especially on how Larry uses his light source to create such a dramatic pose. Seriously, inking his sketches was worth a year or two in college.



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