The Eighth Dragon…the origin of Rhythm!!! Sooooo as some of you may or may not know, I am just flat out FASCINATED with the film Planet B-Boy and the show America’s Best Dance Crew(although this new season 4 really sucks). And as you might have seen on my site I have a BreakDancing Ninjas T-Shirt.… Continue reading ep3-057


The Third Tuesday at Loyola Marymount. So on Tuesday September15, I had the honor and pleasure in joining fellow editors Jeff Yang, Parry Shen and contributing artist Bernard Chang at Loyola Marymount to talk shop about Secret Identities. Honestly, we felt so at home there and were so welcomed that it helped make it such… Continue reading ep3-056


Secret Identities at Loyola Marymount University Sept 15. I’ll be joining Jeff Yang, Parry Shen and Bernard Chang at Loyola Marymount Tues night. We’ll be discussing our book Secret Identities and running our “Build A Hero” workshop. What makes this workshop cooler than others is that: a) I almost never get to go to these… Continue reading ep3-054


AngryAsianMan.com Limited Edition Tshirt! So Some of you may or may not know that I was fortunate enough to team up with Phil Yu (aka Angry Asian Man) on a Imaginasian art fundraiser for Kate Agathon from Purdue University. While doing that drawing for the fundraiser of AngryAsian Man, it gave me the idea of… Continue reading ep3-053


Secret Identities T Shirt So now that my partners(Jeff Yang, Parry Shen, Keith Chow) and I have a bit of downtime before we start work on Volume 2, I thought I’d take this time and design a Secret Identities T shirt. This design was primarily Parry’s idea. And before any of you say “who cares”,… Continue reading ep3-052


Return to The Sneak So a little while ago, I had drawn the Build a Hero contest winner, The Sneak. And I had mentioned that I was NOT a graphitti artist.  And I called out my boy John Franzese to do a little scribble/tag if and when he could. So he had to go and… Continue reading ep3-051