AngryAsianMan.com Limited Edition Tshirt!

So Some of you may or may not know that I was fortunate enough to team up with Phil Yu (aka Angry Asian Man) on a Imaginasian art fundraiser for Kate Agathon from Purdue University. While doing that drawing for the fundraiser of AngryAsian Man, it gave me the idea of using a similar image for a tshirt. More on this later.

But I had the pleasure of meeting Phil back at ECAASU earlier this year at Rutgers University. Phil has been amazing in helping my partners and I with Secret Identities.
And as I’ve gotten to know Phil better, it has been both amazing and awesome to find out exactly HOW influential he is with his site. And I was dying to do a tshirt design with him. So after much bugging and emailing on my part…the shirt is now done! Well….I should probably say underway.
So just to give a little info on this design.
I’ve obviously gone with the “Quick Kick” character. But what was important to me was to do a shirt that not only Phil would want to wear, but to somehow have him involved in the design process as well.
So what I had him do, was sign “angry asian man” and mail me the signature.
And that signature is now going to be screened onto each sleeve of each shirt.
In my mind, this makes the design more “his”….and not just some shirt a guy made about him.
I also wanted the artwork to be clean and simple. More about the line than any messy rendering or detailing.

Anyway, this shirt will be available for purchase….probably in a month or so. It is currently in production. After I receive the shirts from the printers, I’ll have to take pictures of someone wearing them so that I can actually have it up on the site.

The shirt will be available in both Mens and Womens sizes.
Mens: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
Womens: Small, Medium, Large



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