The Eighth Dragon…the origin of Rhythm!!!

Sooooo as some of you may or may not know, I am just flat out FASCINATED with the film Planet B-Boy and the show America’s Best Dance Crew(although this new season 4 really sucks). And as you might have seen on my site I have a BreakDancing Ninjas T-Shirt.
I truly DO believe that rhythm was born through Kung Fu. So this image above is just a few character designs for my new comic concept, The Eighth Dragon.
This comic will be a time piece. Set back in “Old School” China. And these characters will use rhythm and dance as their fighting forms and “battle”. Whether it’s the spoken word, break dancing or just graphitti art.
I hope to make a different spin and twist on what people think as “hip hop”.

Anyway….be on the look out for it.
The Eighth Dragon is © of Jerry Ma and Epic Proportions
ps- For any of you that remember YOLK Magazine, The Eighth Dragon was published in that magazine waaayyyy back whenever it was reinvented as a comic strip for about a year and a half.


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