Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao

So I HAD to do this design. I’m not going to necessarily make it. But I had to do it just for myself since I love Pacquiao so much as a boxer.
He’s the only real interesting boxer around worth watching. And I gotta believe pound for pound is the best right now. So bring it on Mayweather!!!

Anyway, it was a little slow at work earlier today. So I just started looking up info on Manny Pacquiao for some reason. And as I was looking at all this info on him, I decided to just do a quick sketch of him. Then when i was done with it I was sitting there looking at it….and thinking to myself….”let me just stick this on a t shirt template and see how it looks.”

So then I added that “sun” in the background, which was taken from the Pilipino flag. I felt that using something from the flag would be needed as Pacquiao really does so much for his country. I remember watching that show “24/7″ on HBO before Pacquiao fought De La Hoya. They showed De La Hoya just saying the normal crap on how fast he was and that people won’t be ready for his power. But when they spoke to Pacquiao, all he said was,”How can I lose? I fight for a nation. I have the strength of my people with me.”
I think…that is when I absolutely fell in love with this guy.
As much as I like the technique used on this design though, I feel like the pose/drawing, could be a lot more dynamic. Maybe I should try one with him punching?
Or maybe I should just get back to doing my real work, eh?



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