Web Comics!

So I’ve been wanting to jump onto the webcomic bandwagon for a long time now. It seems fairly easy, right? Just draw some silly little comic strip and post it online. This has been a LOT more work than I ever imagined. But, I really wanted to do this for Two reasons.
1) I have always always always wanted to do more Space Ranger. This comic has always been near an dear to me an my brother Jim.
2) The underlying message of my comics has been of destiny and fate. How I always believed that for every person here in this world, you were destined to meet your soul mate. And that you might not meet them in this lifetime, but you will eventually. So we took the same two characters, Troy and Meiling, and took them through mulitple timelines. We started in old school china for a period kung fu piece called The Eighth Dragon first. The Eighth Dragon was a comic that was published back in the day in YOLK Magazine. Then we took Troy and Meiling to current day Chinatown New York, in BURN. Then they were taking into a sci-fi background in The Movement. And finally, the story was going to finish in Space Ranger. A cartoonic space age storyline. And with our last comic, Troy and Meiling would finally get together. And the reader would then see flashbacks from all the previous storylines on how they almost were together.
I had always envisioned these two cute cartoonic characters crying their eyes out telling each other how much they had been waiting for one another.

But then I realized…I’m not so sure I’ll be drawing anymore comics. Atleast…not my own.

And I would never get to tell the ending….

That I’ve been dying to tell…..

Soooo, I’m going to do this webcomic. To try and come full circle with everything. It’s going to take a long time. But I figure, I’ll try and do these web story blocks. And each block will show a little of each time line. I’m going to start with Space Ranger…to set the table. Then do story archs on each time line. And finally finish with Space Ranger.
Hope this works. Cuz I’m really doing this one webcomic at a time. And haven’t fully thought it out yet.
So to start it off, I just wanted to get in some background stuff on Space Ranger. So that people wouldn’t be totally confused.
So here is a quick Role Call of sorts. From the 1st issue of Space Ranger.


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