I Am IronMan Sooo…since I’ve been a little under the weather for a while, the only good thing to come from all this time I was forced to my couch for was…some time to do some daydreaming and sketches. I always have sweated Iron Man pretty hard. And I always thought his armor never made… Continue reading ep3-080


“You Have Our Gratitude” Sooooo the one thing I always wondered was WHY didn’t Han ever get ANY love from people? I mean….you see all sorts of Bruce Lee stuff everywhere you go. Even I am guilty of that. And that’s fine, as Bruce is very deserving of everything out there. But come on….Han(for those… Continue reading ep3-079


CNET the 404 Podcast & Racebending.com So this friday, January 29th I’ll be on CNet the 404 podcast speaking along with Cliff Chiang about technology and its effect on the comic industry. This is a pretty legit podcast. To my knowledge, it is the numero uno listened to podcast. I mean…I believe Tony Hawk was… Continue reading ep3-077


ZOMBIE BOMB COMIC ANTHOLOGY! So a little while back, my good friend Adam Miller had told me of an idea he had to put together a zombie comic anthology graphic novel. Now…..I LOVE zombies. So when Adam asked me to contribute a piece to it….I mean….I jumped all over it. Adam happens to be a… Continue reading ep3-076