So a little while back, my good friend Adam Miller had told me of an idea he had to put together a zombie comic anthology graphic novel.
Now…..I LOVE zombies.
So when Adam asked me to contribute a piece to it….I mean….I jumped all over it. Adam happens to be a pretty damn good comic artist himself. And his enthusiasm for this book shows in all of the other stories/artists he has gathered. It really does look pretty amazing so far.

This is actually the first time I’ve ever drawn a zombie. So I hope I didn’t butcher it all that much.

Just to give a little info on how I did this piece. I actually did the actual drawing and painted textures on separate pieces of paper. Scanned them each in and then finished it in Adobe Illustrator.

You can read more about the anthology here on the facebook fan page.

And the book will be published through our good friends over at Terminal Press.



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