CNET the 404 Podcast & Racebending.com

So this friday, January 29th I’ll be on CNet the 404 podcast speaking along with Cliff Chiang about technology and its effect on the comic industry.

This is a pretty legit podcast. To my knowledge, it is the numero uno listened to podcast. I mean…I believe Tony Hawk was their last guest!
So HOW did I manage to get onto it? No, I did not bribe anybody. No, I did not win a drinking game which caused this. Although I kinda wish that is how I got on.
But a buddy of mine, Jordan Viray(graphic designer) happens to know Justin Yu. Justin is one of the guys that runs the podcast. But Jordan had mentioned to Justin Secret Identities and some of the other stuff I had been working on.
And lucky for me, Justin is a comics fan.
So with a few emails this was a pretty easy thing to make happen. I kinda felt silly doing the interview by myself, so I asked comic rockstar Cliff Chiang to do it as well. As….people will probably care what he has to say waaaayyyyyy more than what I got.

Anyway, I’ll be donating these two copies of Secret Identities for giveaways for Cnet. As well as a tee shirt or two.
Here are my sketches for the two Cnet copies. Hopefully I can sucker Cliff into doing some sketches in them too.

And while I’m at it, I figured I’d talk a little about Racebending.com.
Mike Le of racebending had approached the editors of Secret Identities about donating a book as a giveaway on their site.
I had the opportunity to meet Mike briefly at the San Diego Comic Con last year. And I really love what they’re doing over there. So when he asked, I couldn’t say no.
So I decided to do another sketch in a book, and I’ll also be donating a couple of t shirts as well.
Here is the sketch for racebending.

So log onto Cnet later this week and win some free stuff from me! And help me out at the same time too…cuz I’m terrified of being the reason they loser listeners.

And keep up to date at racebending.com. And see what those guys are up to.



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