I Am IronMan

Sooo…since I’ve been a little under the weather for a while, the only good thing to come from all this time I was forced to my couch for was…some time to do some daydreaming and sketches.
I always have sweated Iron Man pretty hard. And I always thought his armor never made too much sense. I mean…it was like…bendable steal….
Anyway…I figured I’d take a stab at doing an armor design. My take on him would be like…really light bendable steel as the base layer, with plates on top of it. Which….kinda…makes sense, right? I was going for a “built for speed” kind of look.
And I wanted to get rid of his “mouth”….as I just never thought he would need it. I mean…they would theoretically have some sort of speaker for him to speak out of to mask his voice anyway….

So whatever….here is my take on Iron Man.
This is what happens when I’m under house arrest for so long.
Thanks for bearing with me as I explained my boredom. And just in case you were wondering, I have nothing to do with Marvel Comics or Iron Man. I was simply passing the time with this sketch.



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