Geof Darrow! So thanks to Walter Simonson, I have been lucky enough to have the great Geof Darrow do a tshirt design for me. This year I’ll be starting a new line of “Elite” artist shirts which will be featuring Geof Darrow, Walter Simonson, Cliff Chiang and Larry Hama. Last year I had released the… Continue reading ep3-089


Austin Texas… This past weekend I was at The University of Texas Austin for the ITASA Midwest Roundup. It was a great event and I had a lot of fun at it. I had the chance to meet some new people and hang out with other guys that I haven’t seen in a while. This… Continue reading ep3-088


ITASA 2010 Round Up So this Saturday March 27, I’ll be over at University of Texas Austin for the ITASA(the Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association) 2010 Round Up. I’ll be there running a workshop talking about some of the t shirt stuff I do along with The Secret Identities stuff. This’ll be the first stop… Continue reading ep3-087


ECAASU’2010 Wow…ok, I was only gone for a day and a half…but I am so exhausted. I felt like Jeff Yang and I were gone for like a week. This first picture is of our setup on the megabus. haha I thought it was funny/pathetic that we had all this tech out just to keep… Continue reading ep3-086


Taiwan So yet another earthquake has hit, and this time it has hit in Southern Taiwan. What is happening in the world? How may natural disasters does there have to be??? Anyway, my family is from Taiwan…and I love Taiwan. So…I will do what I can to help. It won’t be much, but profits from… Continue reading ep3-085


FOR THE EMPIRE!!! Well….I’ve become a little addicted to making these little guys. I had to control myself from making like…ten of these stormtroopers. They’re like….a lot of fun to put together. At least for me, it’s a different type of satisfaction that I’m not used to. It’s different from finishing a drawing. Anyway, cutting… Continue reading ep3-084