Soooo first off, I wanted to apologize about taking so long to send out the tshirts to all ten winners of the Angry Asian Man Census 2010 Contest.
With each shirt I mailed out, I sent a letter asking everyone if they wouldn’t mind sending me back a picture of themselves wearing the shirt.

And John Nguyen was the first to send a picture. And I gotta say….I just love this picture!
I mean…he totally had fun with it and this is seriously why Phil and I wanted to do this.
Just to explain a little bit on how this all began. Basically one day, I just emailed Phil Yu(The Angry Asian Man himself) that I was hoping to give away a few shirts for fun. And Phil had mentioned to me how he was hoping to do something for the Census. And from there, Phil basically took over and had everyone send in all those great pictures of them filling out their census forms.
Unfortunately when I found out who the winners were, I was in full swing comic con preparation mode. And had to wait until I got back from Chicago to mail them out.
So thanks to all of our winners for being so patient.

But John wasn’t the only one to have sent in their picture. I also received a second picture tonight from Linda Nguyen! And Linda is from New York, so I was definately happy to see someone from my City winning.

So keep them coming in guys and girls. And I’ll post each picture as they come in.

Thanks again for participating!


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