Get Uncommon!

So recently I found this great site called Get Uncommon.
On this site, you can upload your own designs/photos to create a customized iphone, ipod or ipad skin.
So obviously I had to try something out. This was my first attempt at a design. And I’m not sure if I’m going to do it or not. I think I could probably do something better now that I have a better grasp of the canvas space.

This is a quick illustration I did of The Monkey King. I first drew him with a sharpie pen on paper. Scanned him in and then made a bitmap tiff out of him. Then I opened up that tiff in Adobe Illustrator and drew out all the paths of his clothes, eyes, mouth, etc. Then copied each piece and copied it back into Adobe Photoshop. Where I added all the textures. Then I bitmapped each piece again and put it all together in Illustrator.

Here is a jpg of the original line art without any color…

Honestly….this drawing isn’t all that good. But I got so deep into it, I figured I might as well finish it off.

And here is a jpg of how the image would look on the actual Iphone skin.

It looks ok…but I’m definately going to draw another one that will hopefully be much better than this one.
But thought you guys might find this interesting at the very least.



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