The Upper West Side

So earlier today, I was up at the Collegiate School of New York. Which is an all boys school, grades K-12. This was a Asian Student gathering, where myself and Jeff Yang had the honor of running two workshops and being the closing keynote speakers.
The school is up on 78th street and West End Ave…which is literally within spitting distance from where I live.
So at the school, Jeff and I did the “build a hero” workshop with the students.
The two heroes created were pretty cool. The first one was called Streak. As he was a speedster…that would run so fast his clothes would burn off. Which is why he was called…Streak.

I would get about 5-10 minutes to sketch these characters out as the students would create them under Jeff’s guidance. Streak took about 10 minutes.

Then we had Chat Roulette.

This sketch took me about 5 minutes. As time was running out on our workshop. Honestly…since we were in a time crunch…I don’t even really remember what her powers were. I just drew what they were saying.
After each drawing, we had the students sign the page before we selected one student to take the original home with them.

Then…after we were done at the Collegiate School, my friend Johnny gave me a call. Johnny happens to be one of the managers of BlueRibbon Sushi Columbus Circle. Ends up he’s over at A Taste of The Upper West Side. And….was able to weasle me in! Which was great, as tickets to this thing were like $200 each!!!
Inside was over 40 different chefs from restaurants in the Upper West Side. I must have literally eaten over 40 different dishes, and had about 10 shots of vodka.

There were 1800 guests in attendance. I was lucky enough to get in before anybody got there. And was able to start eating without having to wait on any lines. Seriously, this was DAMN good. I can’t stress enough how good it was. It was an amazing experience, and I’m grateful that Johnny was able to get me in. Especially because it was totally unexpected. Which made it that much better.
So I’m just going to go ahead and post some pics of the food I was eating to tell a better story here.

This was how the line looked from the inside of the event.

Look at this lobster sandwich I was eating…I had two of these bad boys…

And HOW cool is this?!? I LOVE the show Top Chef! And I got to meet one of my favorite chefs! Eli from Top Chef Vegas!!!
He was so cool too.
I seriously can’t explain what an amazing experience this was for me. I ate so much that I can’t even sit down without feeling uncomfortable. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that much before in my life.

Anyway…I think I might actually buy a ticket for this thing next year.


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