New York Asian Film Fest 2010

Last year I had done a tshirt design for the NY Asian Film Fest. And luckily for me, they liked it enough to ask me to do it again this year. This year the design was to be based off of Sammo Hung as they will be giving him a lifetime achievement award. And the award itself will have the original lineart for this design on it! Which is pretty cool to me.
I’ve been a fan of Sammo from way way way back in the day when he was fighting Bruce in the beginning of Enter the Dragon. Sammo was the young looking chubby guy with long hair that Bruce was slapping around. Obviously Sammo has come a LONG way since that little cameo.
I seriously can’t wait for the film fest. These guys really do a great job of getting a good lineup of movies out there for the public to see. And I really really hope I get a chance to meet Sammo for a bit.

Anyway, here is a jpg of the original lineart before I did all that texturizing to it.

Check out the Film Fest and pick up one of these shirts!


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