New Logo Tees!

So I’ve been asked from multiple people about when the hell I would just make a tshirt with only my logo on it. And honestly…it just seems like….kind’ve a boring shirt to me is all.
But since Comic Con is coming up in a couple of weeks, I was thinking about making a tee that everyone at the booth would wear that would have the logo on it as well as the website. So I figured maybe it was time to make a “logo” tee.
On the front of this tee, the “ep” logo is made with a cad cut design. Which is different from regular plastisol ink. In fact, it is much more expensive to do and really jacked up the price of these shirts for me. But I really do like the way it looks. And on the back of the shirt going down the “spine” of the wearer, is the word “epicprops.com”.
But honestly, after seeing these shirts in person…I actually really really like them. And I can’t wait to wear one of them out.

Modelling these tees are my friends Jordan Viray and Tanya Kumar. You guys will hopefully be seeing and hearing more about Tanya as she has already begun to help me out with some projects. I’ve been doing all the designs by myself for so long that I’ve wondered if it has made me a worse designer for it. So it’s great having Tanya around to keep me sharp. Plus in a pinch, I can always use her to model the shirts for me! haha
Jordan on the other hand has been telling me what’s up for a little while now. And is a pretty amazing designer of his own. I’m currently trying to sucker him into doing some stuff with me.

Anyway, I’m not exactly sure when I’ll get around to having these tees for sale on the site.
But for now, you’ll see them being worn by the team at every event that Epic Proportions attends.
With the first being at Comic Con!
Comic Con this year for me has an extra special feeling. When I first started exhibiting at Comic Con, I just had this crappy little table all the way in the corner of the floor. After working my way up the ladder there, I got a spot that I L-O-V-E-D right by Small Press. But then for some reason after a couple years in that spot, they moved me to the spot behind it…
Which….was out of the main aisle. But at the very least, I was right next to my good friends at GiantRobot. So even though I was annoyed for the move, at least I got to shoot the shit with the guys over at Giant Robot. And let them show me how real design was done.
But finally…after 4 or 5 long years….I have been moved back to my original spot on the floor.
So please come by booth 1737 if you happen to find yourself surrounded by over 100,000 fanboys in SanDiego and say what’s up.
Hope to see you all there!


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