Comic Con International

Hey everyone. As some of you probably know, Comic Con is just around the corner. And I’ll be there with all things Epic Proportions and Secret Identities.
And with each shirt purchased, you’ll get one of these “ep” buttons as a small token of my appreciation.

To sweeten the deal, I’ll be doing free sketches for anybody that wants one each day from 10am-12in the afternoon. It’ll be a good way to force me to wake up each morning.

And my Secret Identities Managing Editor/Actor Parry Shen will be at the booth on Friday and Saturday! Parry will be at the Con promoting his movie Hatchet 2.
And of course I’ll be at my booth 1737 with Ken Knudtsen who will be promoting his new book My Monkey’s Name Is Jennifer.

Also, whenever someone gets a Walter Simonson TRex tshirt, they’ll get these 2 pins for free as well.
One pin will feature Walt’s famous signature and the other will feature the illustration of the TRex.

And as if that wasn’t enough, whenever someone gets a Geof Darrow Shaolin Cowboy tshirt, they’ll also get these 2 pins for free. One being Geof’s “arrow” signature and the other being the illustration used for the shirt.

So definately stop by and say what’s up.
Epic Proportions booth 1737.


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