Comic Con International 2010!

So it’s all over. Wow. What a week. Where do I begin?
It’s been crazy.
Before I flew to San Diego, I had to go to North Carolina to visit a factory to try to develop new inks for t shirts. Which…was about as much fun as going to the dentist.
While I was there, I had received a Cease and Desist from the Bruce Lee Enterprise.
Which…as you can imagine…is even less fun than going to the dentist.
So I basically went to Comic Con with a lot on my mind.
But the best remedy for stress is to be surrounded by your friends, and that’s exactly where I was this past week. Comic Con itself has less and less meaning to me as each year goes by. But the one thing I can’t help but get excited over, is going there and seeing so many friends in one place.
This year was special to me for a few reasons.
I had the opportunity to have some of my tees listed as Con exclusives in the program. So it was fun being part of that morning rush craziness each day of the Con. And then HoChie Tsai of Taiwanese American was doing a short film interview type of thing of Cliff Chiang, Bernard Chang, Sean Chen and myself. So just being mentioned with those guys was a great honor.

So a lot of people always want to know what goes down as an exhibitor at these things. Basically, it gives us the artists a chance to meet all the people that support what we do and also try to broaden our audience. It gives us a platform to introduce our work to people that might not have ever or would have ever have heard of us. And we do so by either telling them about what we do or showing them what we do. Either by doing some sketches or just having them get some of our products.
Each day is pretty long. There is a lot of prep work involved. But it’s really gratifying when you’re done and have achieved a small level of success when the day is over.
I met a lot of people that I will hopefully have a chance to work with in the near future and I do believe I helped push my brand a little bit more.
So without further ado, I’ll just post some pictures and let them do the talking for me. But before I do that, I’d like to thank all the following people for helping me out this past week. Whether it was helping me at the actual booth or even just through conversation. In no particular order:
– Ken Knudtsen, James Decola, Cliff Chiang, Michael Velasquez, Naoko, Gordon Chu, Marcy Lee, Parry Shen, HoChie Tsai, Bernard Chang, Sean Chen, Brian and Jess Ferrara, Adam Miller, Eric Nakamura, Cate Park, Michelle Borok, Soohee Cho, Lauren King, Christa Bender, John, Michael Le, Dariane Nabor, Stephen Nguyen, Larry Hama, Geof Darrow, Walt Simonson, William Morales

I thought these three Street Fighter costumes took the cake. I hate the store bought costumes. I love when people go the extra mile and paint themselves up and take on the personality of who they’re dressing up as.

…I think this guy was just amazing.

Thanks to Soohee, Lauren and Christa for helping me out at the Con. I still can’t believe what a difference these girls made.

I got to become Parry Shen’s personal photographer…..again….

I don’t know this guys name, but he’s pretty funny.

Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot!

Larry Hama!

I got to eat at Nobu twice last week. I can’t recommend the Flambee Washu Beef with Truffle Miso sauce more. I’m honestly dreaming about it…

And I’ll leave you with a photo of our hotel pool. It was such a nice place to get a drink at the end of the day.
Now, I’m going to sleep for about 72 straight hours…


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