The Sketchbook Project

Hey everyone!
I’ve recently signed up to take part in The Sketchbook Project. Which is basically a touring art exhibit comprised of multiple sketchbooks. The tour will go through Brooklyn New York, Austin Texas, San Francisco, Portland, Atlanta and Chicago.
Basically anybody can sign up for a fee of $25. You’ll then receive a moleskin sketchbook in the mail. Then you’ll choose a category and fill it up in anyway you want. Complete the book by January 2011 and then mail the sketchbook back to them.
Afterwards your book will go on the tour and finally remain in the Brooklyn Art Library as part of their permanent gallery.
You can also pay an additional $20 to have your entire book scanned and uploaded onto their website.

So I decided to do a book and I chose the theme of “Face in the crowd”. I chose this category for a reason. I want to be able to fill my sketchbook with Asian Superheroes. Much like what I do with my partners Jeff Yang, Parry Shen and Keith Chow when we go speaking at schools and run our “Build a Hero” workshop.
This is where YOU come in!
I’m hoping with the help of some friends, that I’ll be able to reach out to YOU, the reader. And ask you guys to come up with original relevant Asian American Superheroes for me to draw.
What does “relevant” mean?
Well, I’m not looking for some sort of secret agent spy that travels through Europe that happens to be Asian. I’m looking for characters with backgrounds that influence the type of character they have become.
Think about where this character was born and how that effected him/her. How their environment effects the powers he/she may have.
Being Asian American is a unique experience. And I think this is another great way to share our experience with others to give them a better understanding of who and what we’re all about.

Every character chosen will be credited inside the book next to their character’s illustration. And I’ll have the description that you wrote along side my drawing.
Unfortunately I can’t give you the original drawing as I won’t even own the book when it’s all said and done with.
But I will mail out print outs and email you a hi res file of the drawing for you to keep!

So please start sending your ideas to me at: info@epicprops.com

I’ve already asked a few close friends to help kick start things off. With the first two characters coming from Parry Shen and Keiko Agena.

The sketch above I actually drew earlier today to have as the first page of the sketchbook. The pages are only 5″x8.25″. So it’s actually a bit difficult to draw in. And I’ll have to deal with the ink bleeding thru to the following page by using lots of collage throughout the entire book.
I believe there are about 96 pgs in the book. So I’m hoping to get atleast 45 original characters in there.
I hope you guys are excited about this as I am.

To get more info on the project, go HERE.
And to email me your ideas, send them to: info@epicprops.com

Whenever I actually finish the entire book, I was thinking of reprinting the book myself. And selling them myself with a good chunk of the proceeds going to a charity.
But that is a long ways from now. So one thing at a time.
Thanks for hearing me out and hope to hear from you guys soon.


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