The Sketchbook Project – Hide by Parry Shen

I thought I’d repost this image of Hide with his bio as written by Parry Shen.
Again, the pages are much smaller than you think. So I wasn’t able to really do what I wanted with the bio page unfortunately. But I still think as a whole, it looks pretty cool. Just so you guys know, the ink from the previous pages drawing bled through to page 2. So I had to…and will do so going forward with each “bio”, lay it out in adobe illustrator. Print it out, and then cut it out and double side tape it down onto the blank page.
Just in case you aren’t able to read the text, here it is:

David “Hide” Takeda’s mother grew up without her parents after the atomic bomb
hit Nagasaki on August 9, 1945 . So when David was born, she made a vow to
never leave his side.

Growing up, David was showered with the love and attention any child could hope
for. He was a normal, happy, Japanese boy who was extremely well-mannered and
held all living things with the upmost of respect, especially his mother.

It was when he first entered elementary school that he noticed his extremely dry
and cracked skin. Doctors initially attributed his condition to Eczema. But as
the years passed, his epidermis worsened and callouses would develop over
previous layers of hardened skin. By the time he was in his teens, David’s skin
took upon a bumpy, armadillo-like texture.

Unbeknownst to David, The Department of Energy’s Human Genome project had been
tracking the development of Asian American citizens directly affected by the
atomic bombs for decades.

David was recruited into the DOE’s Atomic Progeny Program with the promise that
his curse could be turned into a gift with their assistance.

It was there that David was trained to harness and utilize his ‘invulnerability’
as a government asset and also found the love of his life — a fellow progeny.
However during a hostile security breach, David’s pregnant girlfriend died
trying to fend off the attackers.

Since that fateful day, David’s sensitivity hardened along with his exterior and
he’s only looked out for himself. He severed his ties with the APP and went
solo as a ‘Hero For Hire’. But like an athlete, it’s his endorsements on his
uniform, merchandised images and phrase “It’s Bashin’ Time!” plastered onto
posters, book bags and lunch boxes that bring in millions of dollars for him.

However, deep down inside there still lies a lonely Japanese Boy who wishes to
be someday loved once again.

Hide’s abilities stem from rapid skin regeneration. Whereas dead skin
periodically falls or flakes off a normal human body, David’s skin continually
grows layer upon layer and deadens his nerve endings so that he hardly ever
‘feels’ pain. His hide is currently 3 inches at its thickest point.

David possesses the peak athletic strength and endurance of a man who regularly
engages in intensive physical exercise. He can still be hurt/killed by large
explosions or traumatic falls but as he ages, the callouses have begun to encase
his internal organs, hence protecting them from damage as well.

However, the added weight around his lungs and heart has begun to inversely
affect his breathing. It’s only a matter of time before David must decide on
seeking assistance to excise his internal callouses before his skin becomes
virtually impenetrable to operate on.

These are pgs 2 & 3 of my sketchbook. Only…93 pgs more to go!


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