BURN 2.0….

So here is yet another illustration I did in hopes to revive my old comic BURN. I started this piece by just wanting to draw a Chinese Dragon wrapping itself around the characters to help frame them off. I hope I accomplished that here.
The original drawing was done in my sketchbook. I really didn’t expect to actually like this when I drew it, but I think it came out ok.
I think maybe…the guy Troy, his hair might be too “big”…but still, I like what happened here as a finished product.

Here is a look at the inks of the piece without its color.
This drawing was done with a sharpie pen again. On a 9″x12″ piece of paper. I actually did all the coloring in Adobe Illustrator for this piece. And I’m obviously experimenting by piling on the textures. I’m trying to use organic-like textures to keep it from looking too computery.
If that makes any sense.

Ok, I’m going to try to do one of these BURN redo pieces a week. Now I have to get back to doing my sketchbook project drawings.



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