1 – Can you tell us a little about this illustration? Where did it come from and when?
Larry –
It’s a panel for a story I wrote, penciled, inked and lettered called “Demon’s Bridge.” It ran in Marvel’s “Bizarre Adventures” in the early ’80s.

2 – Since you’ve created two of comics best known ninjas(Snake Eyes & Stormshadow), tell us who wins in a fight? The worlds greatest ninja or the worlds greatest samurai?
Larry –
One of them is a ninja and one of them is a commando (what is now called a “covert operator.”) Neither are samurai, which is a class distinction, like a knight. See how adroitly I ducked that question?
3 – Everybody knows you as “The Godfather of GI Joe”. But when you broke into comics, what was it that you really wanted to draw?
Larry –
4 – I personally am a huge fan of your comic artwork. Will we ever get to see you draw a comic again?
Larry –
I draw mostly layouts these days. But I might be tempted to do breakdowns if I can hook up with the
right finisher.
5 – One of the coolest things I’ve heard you do, was playing in a rock band at Arlene’s Grocery down in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Do you still play? Or was that a one time thing?
Larry –
Are you sure that was me? I don’t remember playing at Arlene’s. Last time I played out was at a benefit for Project Reach in the Lower East Side last January. I think there’s still a video of that up on youtube.
6 – So you’re a wrtier, artist, punk rocker and the Godfather of GI Joe. Is there anything you haven’t done? ha. Have you ever done any acting?
Larry –
I still belong to SAG, Equity and AFTRA. Haven’t really done anything in that line in years. I dabbled in
the theater a long time ago.
7 – Would you mind elaborating a little more on what you did in theater? Only because I remember you showing off your voice acting skills to me in Baltimore. Were you on MASH as well?
Larry –
I was in the original Broadway production of Sondheim’s “Pacific Overtures. Have been on MASH, SNL, the soap “Another World,” and various commercials.

8 – Is it true that people will be able to meet you at the Epic Proportions Booth(2537) at the NY Comic Con Oct8-10, 2010 to get these shirts signed by you?
Larry –
Yes, I will definitely be there. I will also be manning a table in Artist’s Alley, so anybody buying a shirt
when I’m not at the Epic Proportions booth can just bring it by, and I’ll sign it.
9 – And finally what is the best way for everyone to keep up to date with what you’re working on now whether it’s art or writing?
Larry –
Once in a while, I actually post something about what I am working on at my Face Book page, but mostly it’s just ephemera off the top of my head.
Thanks to Larry for taking the time to answer these questions.
This Samurai Battle shirt will be available at the NY Comic Con Oct 8-10 at the Epic Proportions Booth 2537. Limited to 2 per person please.


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