NY Comic Con…That’s a Wrap!

So the Con is over…
My god…that was one crazy blur.
I was still a bit jet lagged from Tokyo…and then I was caught in the whirlwind known only as The NY Comic Con. It was an incredible experience.
Generally, I’ve been splitting booth space with m’boy Ken Knudtsen. But this time, Ken was in artists alley doing his thing. And I was left to try an take the Epic Proportions booth to the next level.
This con was in many ways busier and crazier than The SanDiego Comic Con. I know that probably sounds like blasphemy to many of you, but it’s true. The NY Comic Con was really insane this year. It was great to see New York come to play and put their stamp down on comic conventions. It’s been long overdue for us to have a rockin show on the East Coast.
I felt like at this con, I was able to help grow Epic Proportions into an actual brand. Not that its there yet, but I think its well on the way.
And Legends Hour definately had a big part of that.

Once again Walter Simonson, Larry Hama and Geof Darrow contributed an hour of their time to help promote the shirts they had done for me. Honestly, it was as if I had the Jonas Brothers at the booth or something. People were going flat out crajee over these guys. And with good reason too!
I was so scared that I was going to drop the ball on this one. I was scared that I was going to have these three amazing artists and people at my booth…and not have anybody there to see them.
Thank god it all worked out.

So many cool things happened.
Once again, I can’t say how appreciative I am of all the guys that helped me out this past weekend. It would have been impossible without these guys. And they helped make me look good.
So I have to say a big thank you to William Morales, Ken Knudtsen, James Decola, Ren Hsieh, Riley Sumala, Ray Chow, Andrew Prosser, Tanya Kumar, Emma Louisse, Eric Ma, Jim Ma and of course our “Legends” Walter Simonson, Larry Hama and Geof Darrow.
I honestly feel blessed to have such good friends and people around me.
Now that I got my corny stuff out of the way, the con was a great success. I can’t wait to do it again next year. I’m excited with some of the new designs I have ready to roll out next year.
And am in the works of expanding the “Signature Series” with some new names that I just can’t wait to announce.
So I leave you with some pictures of the final day from the con.
It was great meeting everyone while I was there. And I hope to meet the rest of you next time.

Geof drawing on a lucky person’s bag again.

The Dark Knight!!! kekekekeke….

My brother Jim and Geof Darrow. My brother likes to credit himself with being the first person to “discover” Geof’s work.

Ben Kim getting the mighty Mjolnir signed by Walt.

Ken Knudtsen can NOT take a picture without having a shakey hand.

Larry Hama sketching Snake Eyes.

Ren and Jim showing off Larry’s sketch.

Steve of Square1 Press and Walter.

The force is strong in this one…

But Riley still had to put him to the test!

Larry sketching Wolverine!

These guys are seriously just so damn cool.

Breaking down was tiring…

Waiting for the $155 van to come pick me up….

Just another look at some of the stuff we had to get back into my apartment…

And that’s a wrap!
Now it’s time to sleep!



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