Cosplay Recap

So last night I was at the Asia Society building for the first time, judging a Cosplay Contest. First of all, I’m embarrassed that I haven’t been to the Asia Society yet. It really is a beautiful place. And I’m going to try to make it out there every once in a while.
This was the first year that the Asia Society had a cosplay contest. It was a pretty fun event overall, but it definately had all the problems of a first year event. Things were a bit chaotic and the event started a little late. Having been a part of the Asian American Comic Convention, I was totally able to understand all the problems that came with doing an event for the first time.
The contest turned out to be ok though. I think with a little more preparartion on the front end of things, this could turn out to be a nice little contest. Some of the costumes impressed, some of them didn’t.
I personally liked it more when the contestants took on the character they were dressed up as personalities.
I really didn’t know what to expect as the only real cosplay I’ve been witness to is what I’ve seen at different comic conventions. The age group of the contestants seemed to skew on the younger side. I believe most of the contestants were probably around 10-16 years old.
I was given the honor of handing out the grand prize to the winner of the contest.
Without further ado, here are some pics of the event. The lighting wasn’t very good on the stage where the judges were sitting. So please forgive the pictures.

This was the winner. She had said that it took her a year to make this costume.

This was the 2nd place winner. She was actually my favorite as she was in full character mode the entire time.

The 3rd place winner.

The dj’s that were spinning the event.

The mc for the event…Air.

This girl waited till after the contest was over to ask for sketches from Christine and myself.

Christine Norrie was one of the judges.

Here is how the score card looked. I think i handed out the most 1’s out of all the judges.



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