Cease and Desist!

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me whatever happened to all of my Bruce Lee tshirt designs. So I figure rather than constantly explaining to each individual email, I’d just write a post on what had happened.

It’s really rather simple. Basically I was contacted by The Bruce Lee Enterprise to stop selling these designs without their permission early July. This was right before the San Diego Comic Con. Legally they have every right to demand this as I had no permission to use any likeness of Bruce on any of my designs.
The truth is, I was hoping I’d get off the hook as all my designs are original illustrations that I had personally done. And I was seriously looking to glorify Bruce Lee as a person and an icon. Obviously the Bruce Lee Enterprise could care less and had requested that I cease and desist all sales.
They were actually quite polite in their demands and I mean…completely within their right.
This matter has finally come to a close just a few days ago.
They did state that they were very open for me to legally obtain the license from them to create new designs in the future.

So of course….I need to know. What do you guys think?
Should I actually make a legal Bruce Lee tshirt? I’ve been considering doing a one off limited edition tshirt that would be available for say….one month. Of course I still have to do the design.
But am not so sure I need to do another shirt based off the same guy.
What do you guys think?
Hit me with your thoughts if you have the time at: info@epicprops.com

Hope to hear from you guys soon.


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