So as this year comes to a close, I’ve been trying to come up with some designs that I’ll be putting out sometime early next year.  This particular design is on the bubble.  I’ve grown up watching anime which is why I wanted to do a AKIRA inspired shirt.  I particularly love putting the “pill” logo on the sleeve of the tee.  My only problem with doing this though, is that my first true anime love was Macross.  And I honestly feel like I’m cheating on Macross by doing this shirt.

But I’ve always wanted to do a shirt with a giant “anime” style illustrated face screaming on it.  And when I think of screaming or gritting of the teeth (in anime that is), I have to think of AKIRA.

I did this drawing of Kaneda(hopefully you can tell its him) with a Sharpie pen.  It maybe took about….30 minutes.  Because of all those speed lines.  I figured you can’t have a anime drawing without speed lines.

But if and when I make this shirt, I think I’d want to have it on white.  Honestly, there are not enough white graphic tees out there.  Sometimes I get bored of looking at everything on a crazy color.  It’s nice to just pull back and go back to basics every once in a while.

If I do end up choosing to put this on a colored tee…..it’ll be like….an extremely light grey.

Hope you guys like it.




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