Yao Ming!

So I’ve been wanting to get to doing some drawings like these for a while now.  I was thinking to myself why I never really draw anything sport related.  So I figured I was going to start a series of NBA players.  And of course, I had to start with Yao Ming.

I tried to color these more “fast” than I usually do.  “Fast” as in how clean the lines are.  Not fast as in I did it really quickly.

If you guys have been noticing, I generally like to use a lot of textures when I color.  But for a fast paced game like basketball, I figured the artwork should match that speed.

So each of these drawings were done with my Sharpie Pen.  I tried to draw these as if they were almost like caricatures of Yao.  I wanted to stretch out his limbs so that he wasn’t very proportional.  As I mean…the guy stands at 7’6″.  So I’m hoping I achieved the “long” look for him well enough.  Honestly, I probably should have used bigger paper to draw these.  I drew these on a 9″x12″ pad.  And I did feel a little constrained by the size of the pages.

The drawing of Yao dunking I think captures how big he is better than the one of him just standing there.  But I do think I was able to make the drawing look more like him on the standing pose.  Who knows, I’m sure you guys are reading this thinking both of them don’t look like him at all.

Again, I didn’t want these to be a direct portrait of the guy.  I wanted them to be more cartoonic and hopefully capture his feel.

I’ll probably start the next batch of these with some classic Knick players.  I really don’t care all that much for any of the current players, so I’ll have to go back to the late 80’s teams.  When Patrick, Starks, Harper, Oak an Mase were playing.  God I miss those guys.




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