SENBAZURU Toshiko Nishikawa Gallery at The Vilcek Foundation

So over the holiday weekend I was able to stop by The Vilcek Foundation and check out the Senbazuru show by Toshiko Nishikawa at their gallery located on 167 East 73rd Street.

The gallery is pretty amazing.  There are 1000 of these orbs floating in the air all connected by one string.  A few of them are hanging off a coiled string which guests are allowed and encouraged to play with.  Those attached to the coiled strings basically bounce up and down and with the right lighting, look pretty cool as they’re in motion.

Also, each orb is signed and numbered by the artist.  I took a picture of one orb here, but it was next to impossible to get  a clear shot of the signatures.

Forgive me as I’m still trying to learn how to use this new camera I just got during Black Friday.  But if you look closely to the right side of the orb, you’ll notice what looks like scratches.  Those scratches when looked at closely are actually signatures.  It’s actually pretty damn cool when you get up close.

The Vilcek Foundation is totally worth stopping by if you find yourself on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  There is no charge to go in, so there really is no draw back at all.  The staff was pretty friendly and knowledgeable too.

This last picture I was lucky enough to take as they were closing the gallery down.  So this is how all the orbs looked with the lights off.  At least I thought it was pretty cool looking.

Anyway, just thought I’d start writing about some of the cooler things I get to see.  And this gallery was definately one of them.  So check it out when you can.  I mean…it’s for free….




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