Guan Yu

Hey everyone!  Just thought I’d post this illustration of Guan Yu I did the other day.  For those of you that don’t know, Guan Yu is known as the Chinese God of War.

I did this drawing really as a warm up for doing some tshirt designs.  I ended up enjoying doing it so much that I decided to color it up and use this to procrastinate on my actual work with.

Unfortunately, since it really did just begin as a sketch, I didn’t scan in the pencils for it.  But as usual, I used a 4H lead pencil to draw it.  Sharpie pens to ink it, and then all the coloring was done in Adobe Illustrator.  The original piece measures at 10″x14″ on a 2ply smooth piece of bristol.

But here is a jpg of the black and white line art alongside the colors for your viewing pleasure!

I also drew this as a test sketch for a possible story idea I had for Secret Identities Volume 2.  Again, we’re still accepting story and art submissions so get yours in today!

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed it.




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