The new 2011 Epic Proportions Tees!

So after I made this “alcoholic” tee just for fun, so many people were asking about it so I thought I’d add it into the actual rotation of tees for the new year.  This shirt will be offered in both Mens and Womens sizes.  It’ll be a super soft white ink printed onto a black heather tee.  This tee represents just another one of the interests we have here at Epic Proportions.

So going along with the theme of what people have been asking me, I think I get more email inquiries about when I’ll do a new Starwars tee…even more than the ones of “what happened to all those Bruce Lee tees?”.  So here you go Starwars fans!  This is a At-At maze tee that’ll wrap around the wearer’s left side!

AND there actually is TWO different correct paths to this maze!  Holy cow this thing took me a while to do….

Also notice the screen hit on the wearer’s left sleeve.

This shirt will be offered in both Mens and Womens sizes as well.

This tee just helps illustrates my love for anime and the Asian pop culture.  This here design is of my beloved Gatchaman characters!  This tee will be a 2 color blend on a light blue heather tee.  Also sporting a 1 color screen hit on the wearer’s left sleeve. This design’s colorway will be based exactly off of my previous “SuperFly” tee that I’m not allowed to sell anymore.  The tee was just too soft and the colors just looked too cool to not be used anymore.  So I brought it back with this new design!

This tee will be offered only in Mens sizes.

I also L-O-V-E Gojirraa.  So this here design will feature a 3 color screen on a Dark Forest colored tee, along with a 1 color screen hit on the wearer’s left sleeve.  This graphic will also wrap around the wearer’s right side from back to front.  Weren’t you ever interested in what the “insides” of Gojirra looked like?  Well, here is what I think!

This shirt will be offered in Mens sizes only.

And finally, to wrap up this group of tees is a remix of sorts of the War Helmet tee.  I’ll be retiring that tee shortly and giving it a face lift with this Paint by Numbers version.  This design will boast a 2 color screen on a New Silver colored tee, along with a 1 color screen on the wearer’s left sleeve.

This design will only be offered in Mens sizes as well.

Just an FYI, all Mens designs will be printed in sizes Small, Medium, Large, XLarge and XXLarge.  And all Womens sizes will be printed on Small, Medium and Large.

This is going to be my most ambitious release of tees yet.  So I’m hoping everybody can get into these.  Or…..I’ll be eating ramen for lunch and dinner for like…a really long time.  haha

All kidding aside though, this delivery will feature the best quality tees and inks I’ve ever used.  So I’m really excited to see the reaction to them.

This does not mean in anyway that I’m done for the year with designing tees either.  I’ve got some cool new stuff coming for the Signature Series as well a new trucker hat that I’m working on as well.  Details on that shortly.

But all these designs have been sent to the factory, so I’ll update you guys with pics as soon as I can.

Wish me luck…




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