The Zaggmate Ipad Keyboard Case…

So recently I ordered a Invisibleshield customized with my artwork on it for both my Ipad and my shiny brand new Zaggmate Ipad case w/ keyboard.  It was a pretty quick and easy process to design online and order.  It took about a week after I placed my order to receive the skins and the case.

Here is a picture of the skins before I peeled them off and applied them to the ipad and case.  When I first opened up the box and saw the skins, I was a bit worried about how I would apply them.  I figured it would be hard to get all the air bubbles out…in particular with the case.  Each skin comes with a little squeegy, liquid spray and drying cloth.  I went onto youtube to find the best instructional video on how to apply them, and I found THIS ONE to be the best.  After doing this, I totally agree with this guy that you have to drown your ipad and case with the spray.  It makes it soooooooooooo easy to then just throw on and move to where you need and want it to be.  Then you just squeegy any excess out pretty easily.  The entire process took about….3 minutes for the Ipad.  And I’d say about 5 minutes for the case.

This picture is a little bit of a “zoom in” to the corners and also to see where the space for the USB wire to go into.

The best thing about this case is that the keyboard doesn’t take any additional space.  Meaning, the Ipad just slides into the case when you’re on the go.  And when you need to type, you just stand the Ipad inside the case where the keyboard is located.

The case itself is very slim.  With the Ipad inside of it, its about as thick as when you use one of those rubberized skins on the Ipad.  One of my two gripes with it is that it isn’t very comfortable typing.  The width of the keyboard is the same as your Ipad.  Meaning…if you have the hand size of anybody older than a 12 year old boy, you might have a bit of trouble typing.  But when you’re on a trip, this will be soooooo good.  I originally wanted this because I found myself checking my email lying down on my couch or in bed more and more.  But I would never want to replay to anybody because I just didn’t like writing emails on my Ipad.  Or if I did reply, it would only be a sentence or two.  So I’m hoping this will help me be more responsible with replying to emails.  Plus, call me a narcisist, but I love the fact that I can put my artwork onto each item.

Here is my second gripe.  The “stand” inside the case is just a folded piece of plastic.  It seems pretty sturdy now, but I’m pretty sure after a few months of folding and unfolding that it’ll snap at some point.  Rendering this case more or less useless.

Overall, it seems pretty cool to me.  The case was $100 with the keyboard.  And each skin was about $30 if I remember correctly.  So this was a pretty expensive way for me to keep my Ipad protected.  But the trade off is that it is customized to my liking….

Hopefully I’ll get used to typing on this small keyboard and that plastic stand will last forever.

Hope this helps for anybody interested in getting one.




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