Gatchaman sample photos!

So Pete is at it again!  He just sent me these photos of the Gatchaman tee!  I’m super excited over this as growing up I was a BIG fan of the anime.  This is a yellow to red blend on a Lake Blue tri blend tee from American Apparel.

This tee is super soft and it’ll also have a sleeve hit on the wearer’s left sleeve.  It’ll be available in sizes Small thru XXLarge.  I’ve been getting a lot of complaints about making more XXLarge tees recently.  So all these new ones will be available for the bigger guys.  Everyone just needs to realize that I’m not a company.  And that making these extra sizes cost me an arm and a leg.  Not to mention I have to figure out where to store all this stuff in my small Manhattan sized apartment.

But whatever, that’s for me to worry about and for you to enjoy, right?

how the artwork will look on the tee, i believe this is a XL sized tee here.
a closer look at the blend of colors

I did this original drawing on a 11×14″ piece of bristol.  First pencilled with my 4H lead pencil and inked with my trusty sharpie pen.  The screenprint looks a little small on the above jpg since its on a XLarge sized tee.  On the smaller sizes, it’ll be more proportionate as to how i really wanted.  Since I personally wear Large sized tees, I design the artwork for Large sized tees.

So once again, when all these tees are done I’ll be looking for a few good able bodies to model them for the site.  The only pay I can offer is the bragging rights of saying you’re on the site, the shirt you wear and a couple of drinks.

Be on the lookout for the next couple of tees.

As usual, thanks for stopping by.




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