Secret Identities for Japan Relief!

So as most of you hopefully know, I am the Art Director of Secret Identities.  Secret Identities is The Asian American Superhero Anthology Book.  My co-editor Keith Chow has been rounding up all the contributors from the book to form a auction to help raise money for the Japan Relief Fund as well.  So Keith was able to get two copies of the book signed by a number of the creators.  The two copies would also come with a signed bookplate that I actually drew as well.

jpg of the bookplate that will accompany each book

So I thought I’d also include a quick sketch to go with each copy of the book to help sweeten the deal for people bidding.  The reason why I chose to draw Voltron is because my other co-editor, Parry Shen was telling Keith and I that I was one of the few people that had not signed the books.  And he made an analogy to Voltron and their lions, and how they need each other to be complete.  So I figured it would be pretty fun to draw Voltron.

The above sketch took about 45 minutes.  And is a marker sketch done on a 9″x12″ piece of paper.

For more on the auction, you can go HERE.

I’ll post the second sketch I have to do later…once I figure out what I’ll be drawing.  I’ll have to ask Parry if he has any ideas….



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