The 25…


So recently I’ve been doing some drawings for a book I’d like to put together called “The 25”.  Which will be a little book about the top 25 fighters that my brother Jim and I will rank.  Jim will be doing a little write up of each fighter explaining why he/she is on our list, and I’ll be supplying the art and design.  If all goes well, I’ll have this book out in time for the San Diego Comic Con this July.  If not, then definitely by the NY Comic Con in October.

This book will be a manga sized book, or “digest” sized book.  Looking at about 50 pgs.  It won’t tell a story or anything like that, but will be more like a design-y version of those old Marvel Universe Handbook things.

Young Mike Tyson
Bolo Yeung, The Chinese Hercules

Anyway, thought I’d share with you guys some of the art that’ll be in the book before I color it up and throw type all around them.

So be on the look out for The 25….sometime this year….




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