Happy 10 Year Anniversary Phil!

This past weekend I was in LA for a quick 3 days.  Above is a pic I took of Phil speaking at his 10 year anniversary party for Angryasianman.com.

I was able to stop by the party and see some old friends which was great.  I had also donated a few tees to be given out randomly in the gift bags offered at the party.

But the real reason I went out for the weekend was to see Parry Shen and Michael Velasquez.  Together we’re working on a project that we can hopefully let out some more info later on.

And then of course I spent any free time eating at some good places.

So rather than bore you with words, here are some pics of what happened over the weekend.

The Bobba Food truck.  I had a “taiwanese sweet sausage” on a stick.  Really wasn’t all that bad.

These pics were taken at Sasabune.  Apparently it’s supposed to be a very good sushi restaurant in LA.  I actually thought it was pretty bad.  The best thing they had was the crab roll right above.  The rest…I could have had at like…a teriyaki boy or something.

Which led me to feel like this about it…

I did however get to try the truffle burger and manly burger from Umami Burgers at Fred Segal in Santa Monica.  I was dying to get my hands on these as I’ve heard a lot about them.  They were pretty good, with the truffle burger being better.  A bit overrated though.  There are just too many gourmet burgers floating around nowadays.  Too be good, they have to be outstanding now.

Before heading to Phil’s party, I got to go to Spago’s in Beverly Hills.  This place was phenomanol.

I can’t recommend this more.  The beet/goatcheese layer “cake”.  Seriously…this was delicous.

Sweetbreads!  Yes, I know this is brains…but holy cow it was good.

This was my entree, pork cooked 3 different ways.  Seriously mouth watering stuff.

I believe the following pics were taken at Cafe Buna…in or near Venice Beach.  The lobster omlette was outta control.

Ok….I think I’ve uploaded enough food porn.

I love going out to California…and I love Venice Beach.  I may open up a store out there or buy an apartment just to make me go out there more.




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