Luckyrice Night Market!

Last night I was fortunate enough to check out the Night Market event from Luckyrice in Dumbo Brooklyn.  I had very high expectations for this.  I mean…if you’ve ever been to a night market in Asia…you know how amazing they can be.  For those of you who don’t know, night markets are essentially these massive outdoor flea markets in Asia that serve all sorts of food and offer all sorts of shopping.  Everything from fried chicken to cho dofu to getting a new puppy all the way to finding a new pair of Nikes.

This Luckyrice event had two parts to it.  The main part was of food and was held outdoors underneath the Manhattan Bridge.  This really set a pretty cool tone visually.

Then you had the 2nd part which was an indoor drinking event.  The indoor part had less appeal to me as it was just too warm in there.  And I had a lot to drink the night prior.

But I ran into CB Cebulski at the Night Market, and of course…he knew these guys above that gave us some rather large drinks of sake that were seriously delicious.

All in all, the hilite of the night for me was getting my hands on some cho dofu, or stinky tofu.  I haven’t had this since I was in Taipei, so it was really nice to have some again.  Even if it wasn’t as good as Taipei’s.  But that is a most likely unfair comparison.  I’m not sure I’d go back to this event though as it was just too crowded.  You literally had to push your way to each food station to wait on line for a sample.

But hey…at least I got to meet Angelo from Top Chef….

These pork belly sliders from the Korean food truck were pretty good too actually.

Cho Dofu!!!  This was one of the longest lines of the night.  But they made it worth your wait as they really did give one of the best sized portions all night long.




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