Yes We’re Open.

Recently my Secret Identities co-editor and good friend Parry Shen starred in a movie, Yes We’re Open.  And Parry was cool enough to get the director to let him wear some of my tees in the film!

Seriously, I am very grateful for Parry doing this.  Not only is he wearing 3 different tees in the film of mine, but he also got Epic Proportions listed in the credits of the film for wardrobe.

The three tees he’ll be wearing in the film are my Alcoholic , Gatchaman  and the Goldenarms tees.

Here are some images Parry was able to have taken on set and sent to me.

Parry and Lynn about to shoot a scene, wearing the Alcoholic tee
Parry and Lynn waiting to shoot a scene, wearing the Gatchaman tee
apparently a pivotal moment in the film, with Parry sporting the Goldenarms tee

I’m pretty pysched to see this movie when it comes out.  Not only is Parry starring in it, but also Lynn Chen!  Lynn was a contributor to Secret Identities and I’ve been a big fan of her work for a while now.  She’s been in films like Saving Face and The People I’ve Slept With to name just a couple.

For more on info on the movie, you can check out Parry’s blog.

Here is a link to the teaser trailer of the movie.  TRAILER




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