Sketch of The Week, Ken Knudtsen on Star Wars…

So it’s week two of our “Sketch of The Week”.  And today we have Ken Knudtsen’s sketch.

Just a quick run down of what “we” are doing.  Ken, Walter Simonson, Larry Hama and myself will be doing a sketch based off a theme we’ll all work off of each week for as long as we can keep it up.  Should be pretty fun to see what everyone does with the same theme.

Last week we did the circus.  The next three weeks we’ll all be dedicating it to Star Wars.  The REAL Star Wars movies, not those crappy versions that came out recently.

So this week Ken kicks off our Star Wars: A New Hope theme with the sand people.  Apparently Ken chose to illustrate these guys because they always kept him up late at night as a kid and he was freaked out by them.

He always wondered why there wasn’t more done with them in the movie.  And as he was drawing this, he could hear them chanting in his head.

Ken likes to drink….a lot.

For more on Ken’s work, you can visit his blog HERE.




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