Sketch of The Week, Ken Knudtsen on Return of The Jedi!

So it’s week four of our “Sketch of The Week”.

Just a quick run down of what “we” are doing.  Ken Knudtsen, Walter Simonson, Larry Hama and myself will be doing a sketch based off a theme we’ll all work off of each week for as long as we can keep it up.  Should be pretty fun to see what everyone does with the same theme.

Last week we did The Empire Strikes Back.  This week we’re going with Return of The Jedi!

Up first is Ken Knudtsen, artist/creator of My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer.

Ken actually rewatched the film for this sketch as he hadn’t seen it in so long.  In Ken’s words,” taking away everything that involved Ewok shenanigans, it’s actually a much stronger movie than I remember it being.  I remember watching this scene in the theatre as a kid and finding that a “kid’s movie” could actually treat something seriously.  And then Luke stupidly rejoined everyone back in the Ewok village.”

For more on Ken’s work you can visit his blog HERE.

Hoping to get my piece up next.




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