San Diego Comic Con, Here We Come!

San Diego Comic Con 2011 Cliff Chiang Exclusive

Epic Proportions is proud to present our latest Signature Tee by DC Comics rising star Cliff Chiang!

This July 20-24, we’ll be setting up shop at The San Diego Comic Con at the Epic Proportions Booth 1221.  There you’ll be able to pick up one of these Con Exclusive tees.

Available in sizes will be Mens Small, Medium, Large, X-Large & XX-Large.  Each tee boasts a 2 color print on a American Apparel Tri-Blend athletic grey tee.  And will feature Cliff’s signature on the wearer’s left sleeve.  These tees are super soft and very comfortable to wear.

And each tee will come with a 2 pin set.

This tee is extremely limited.  And we want to make sure all of Cliff’s fans get a chance to pick one up.

So what we’re doing from now until the Con, is we’re taking Advanced Pre Orders on this tee.  This is the first time we’ve ever done something like this.  But we are trying to be as fair as possible to all of Cliff’s fans.  I’ve noticed in the past that some people rush to our booth early in the morning(literally sprinting over) to scoop up all the exclusive items.  Even if they aren’t fans of the artist.  They just want to get all the Con Exclusives and sell them on ebay or something.

Maybe you’ve heard, but Cliff has been announced as a major contributor to the reboot of DC Comics.  And will be illustrating Wonder Woman with Brian Azzarello on writing duties.  So we don’t want any of Cliff’s fans missing out on the opportunity to own this creator owned original art piece of his.

So this is the deal.  We are selling each tee for $30 at the con.  And each tee will come with a 2 pin set.  One will feature Cliff’s signature and the other will be a extraction from the tee.  We do take credit card orders at the con, but charge an additional $2 for that due to the additional fees the card service charge us.

I know this is kinda cheesy, but there isn’t anything we can do about that.  Generally most exhibitors at the con tack on extra for card charges.  So it isn’t like we’re doing something wacky and different here.

If you’d like to PRE-ORDER yours, you can do so now.

I’ll be accepting paypal orders from now until the con.  This is the BEST way to ensure you get one before all the exclusive vultures scoop them up.

So we’re asking for a $32 paypal payment.

By doing so not only will you insure that you receive your Cliff Chiang Exclusive tee, but we’ll be giving a 3rd pin ONLY for preordered tees!

get all three pins when you preorder!

Again, we’re not trying to do anything shady or corny.  We seriously just want to make sure all of Cliff’s fans get their tees.  So if you send a paypal payment of $32 to SALES@EPICPROPS.COM, I will then email you back a form to print out and bring with you to collect your tee and pins at our Booth(1221).

get this pin only when you place a pre-order

So just to go over how to do this again.  Send a $32 paypal payment to SALES@EPICPROPS.COM.  I will then email you back with a form and instructions.  Then come pick up your shirt and pin set at our Epic Proportions Booth 1221 at Comic Con, July 20-24.  It’s all pretty simple.

Unfortunately these shirts are only available for people attending the con.

Please feel free to email me with any questions at: JERRY@EPICPROPS.COM

Can’t wait to see everyone at the con!




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