EP @ SDCC 2011 – Day One: Rise of Cliff Chiang

Hey New York, I hear it’s hot out there… it’s still 75 degrees over here.

Yesterday was a little slow, no lie. But, luckily we have a “conference room” at our booth provided by BLVD’s Bernard Chang (pictured above) to liven things up. More on that later.

Things were not slow for resident booth star Cliff Chiang who had as many people walk up to him simply to say how much they admire his work as people who bought stacks of his $40 prints. It was crazy, he could wrap it up now and go home. He also filled up his commissioned sketch list on the first day. There were some hot ideas…

A mash up of The X-Men’s “Days of Future’s Past” story line and Back II the Future. Hot fire. And, there was a Dazzler in there somewhere.

Then came Walt Simonson for his signing at 5:00pm… and EP went from new school to old. It was something on another level, grown men and women lining up like school children, flat out giddy at seeing the comic book legend. It was like Joe DiMaggio visiting sick kids in the hospital.

And, Walt with friends…

More pics from SDCC 2011 Day One…

GB Tran signs my copy of “SDCC exclusive” copy of Vietnamerica.

Apparently, the Silver Surver wears blue boxer-briefs.

No, Mister Superman no here…

Jerry’s Gatchaman fan club…

A Cliff Chiang fan…

In the “conference room” after hours… and, finally, after Mexican food and a lot of what Jerry calls “stupid juice” the night wraps up at Trickster where Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine talks about his new comic Orchid and performs a couple of acoustic songs. Jerry was not impressed.

Stay tuned for more EP@SDCC2011…


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